My husband and I have a very positive outlook on life in general. We like to share precious moments with people who happen to cross our paths. We believe that it is important to make the first step to make people feel comfortable and at home when we meet them for the first time.

Our favorite passtime : walking on the beach when we have time, fine art painting, renovating ancient or damaged objects, china and pottery painting, embroidery and interior decoration.

As a host, we are very attentive primarily to our guests' comfort in the villa. They have to feel at home and happy to be there the moment they come into contact for the first time with the garden, the pool and finally the house. They have to feel embraced by the warmth, the cosiness, the elegance and serenity of the place. So many of our previous guests have expressed the same sentiment, that our house has got a soul - it is not an empty shell that accommodates solely people on the move.

Our motto in life is : Do onto others what you would have them do to you.
In other words one should treat people nicely with respect and the same treatment would be given in return.